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Efficiency - The Cheapest, Cleanest
Energy Source

Holdren may have said it best "End-use-efficiency improvements are the cheapest, cleanest, surest, most rapidly expandable energy option we have". The ultimate limits on this option are the lack of knowledge by firms and consumers about the opportunities that exist and how to exploit them.

Sustainable = Economical

Go Sustainable Energy promotes sustainable material and energy use. Ideally, closed material loops would be powered by renewable energy through ultra energy-efficient processes. We assist companies in making economical, sustainable first steps toward this vision.

Go Sustainable Energy engineers are energy efficiency experts, and work with clients to identify the energy, material and cost savings opportunities. We are located in Columbus, OH, and we serve the Midwest and surrounding areas.

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Energy News
US Military Orders Less Dependence on Fossil Fuels

The US Military now has one of if not the most aggressive renewable energy goals of any organization we've encountered. Are you a patriot? Not if you're an energy hog, you're not! Read more...

Energy Dependence Major Stumbling Block for Iran Policy

This article lays it out. Not only is Saudi Arabia a main sponsor of Al Qaeda, but our policy approaches on Iran are castrated by global dependence on their oil. We'll say it again, efficient use of alternative fuels is part of a smart foreign policy.

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