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What's in a Name?

We're often asked where our company name, Go Sustainable Energy, comes from. Many people read or hear the name as a directive to "go sustainable". While we certainly agree with this statement, it is not the origin of our company name.'Energy' is of course included because we are primarily an energy-efficiency consulting firm. 'Sustainable' implies our support and involvement in the Sustainability movement.

There are many definitions of sustainability, our preferred definition being:

Sustainability - Meeting today's needs while ensuring the ability of future generations to meet their needs, while enriching society.

Sustainability is in many ways the use of business as a driver of change for environmental protection, in a way that is advantageous and economical to everyone.

Finally, 'Sustainable Energy' seemed a rather boring name for a company to us, so we sought a third word. Being mainly mechanical engineers trained in energy-efficiency our methods, analysis techniques and conceptual frameworks are very rooted in the Laws of Thermodynamics. But how best to represent the laws dictating conservation of energy and the direction of things from order to randomness?

The balance and overlap of the opposing order and randomness is intriguing, and analogous explanations can be found in many academic fields, not just engineering or biology. Overlap and border areas of mixing opposites (called liminal spaces) are the places of friction, of emerging complexity, of community and of life.

With this in mind consider the ancient Chinese board game, Go. Opponents attempt to capture each other's playing pieces on a grid surface. The pieces are stark opposites, white and black, similar to the order and randomness of thermodynamics. Go is famous for its simple rules that produce complex scenarios. The best Go players are said to play with their intuition.

Go is an ancient representation of complexity emerging from the mixing of opposites, governed by simple rules. Thus, it is also a good representation of the Laws of Thermodynamics.

And there you have our logic - Go Sustainable Energy.

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