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Our Process

One of our primary purposes as an organization is to assist our clients in achieving energy use and cost reductions at an economical cost. As a result, we do not view our deliverable as a report or other document, but instead as accurate information. Depending on the client, this information may be best transferred through an energy assessment, through life-cycle cost analysis, through an instructional workshop or some other service.

Our consultation begins with identifying which service best fits the client. Clients have different needs and different constraints, and we provide custom solutions, not one-size-fits all. This starts with a phone call, but may include an on-site visit and discussion with our clients.

Once we determine which service best suits the client, we obtain a utility history and facility square-footage, and develop a proposed scope-of-work and fee. When the proposal has been accepted, we work with the client to specify dates and times for on-site visits and data collection. Typically, data collection is followed up by a period of off-site analysis. The findings and recommendations from most of our services are documented in an Executive Summary: a brief, easy-to-read summary of our findings for non-technical decision makers. For transparency, all of our calculations and system retrofit descriptions are documented in a reference manual: supporting documentation for the engineers, facility managers and equipment vendors. We provide a presentation of findings in-person or via a web-conference to answer any questions our client may have.

Throughout any of our projects, we believe in strong and frequent communication to update our client on project status, and to receive feedback.

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