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Eric is an engineer with Go Sustainable Energy. He is involved in commissioning for new construction projects and enjoys the investigative work of efficiency measurement and verification. He is twice a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder in Architectural Engineering (B.S., '07, M.S., '15). Eric has worked as a design engineer, whole building energy modeler, and building energy auditor in locations ranging from Seattle to Israel, adapting to local engineering culture in each place. This experience showed him a path to the heart of the matter of building sustainability: building operation matters more than design in most cases, and benchmarking should always be done of a building or process against its own optimal state of efficiency.

Going back for a master's degree was necessary to gather the force and prepare to go down this path. During this time, Eric had the opportunity to work with the Commercial Buildings Group at the National Renewable Energy Lab. This work involved using the Open Studio building energy analysis program to track building performance against a baseline including the impacts of parametric uncertainty for uncontrollable variables. During this work, Eric realized his passion for data analysis.

Eric's world travels have shown him that energy efficiency is useful work for more than just the goal of climate-change mitigation; that there are also real issues in all of our lives such as air pollution, energy security, and geopolitical consequences of our energy consumption. Eric is grateful to be with a company of others who also share his passion for making the world a better place through energy efficiency. Outside of work, Eric enjoys perfecting his energy bar recipe to fuel human energy efficiency in his many outdoor pursuits.

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