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Peter is one of Go Sustainable Energy's industrial energy specialists with extensive experience in compressed air, HVAC, process cooling, and heating systems. He is technical lead for commissioning and energy auditing services, having audited or commissioned hundreds of industrial and commercial sites. He is also skilled in energy simulation, measurement & verification (M&V), utility data regression, and performing custom tool creation for complex projects. Peter regularly provides technical advice to manufacturing trade organizations and has served as a technical adviser for many clients regarding effective energy-efficiency implementation. Peter has instructed numerous trainings on energy auditing and M&V techniques.

Peter stays active within the energy-efficiency community by presenting in technical conferences and workshops. He has authored or co-authored technical papers in conferences, journals and magazines on topics such as combined heat and power, metering and verification methodologies of compressed air systems, net-zero energy, how energy inefficiency out-foxes the mechanisms intended to promote energy-efficiency, and skylighting.

Peter received his Bachelor's (2006) and Master's (2008) degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Dayton (UD) and is a Professional Engineer. At UD, Peter worked in the UD Industrial Assessment Center as a graduate assistant and lead student. With a strong interest in thermodynamics and energy efficiency, his education focused on analyzing and simulating building and industrial energy systems to optimize their efficiency. As a member of the UD ETHOS center, Peter spent considerable time abroad involved with engineering projects in Bolivia and Brazil. These projects dealt with energy analysis and appropriate technology design. Through these experiences he analyzed the generation, transmission and distribution of electric utilities for small rural towns as well as conducted analysis and design work on biomass combustion stove technologies.

For fun, Peter enjoys being outdoors and spending time with his wife and kids. Peter is a Board of Directors member for Green Energy Ohio, an Ohio not-for-profit dedicated to promoting renewable and clean energy. He also organizes Go Sustainable Energy's participation in the National Bike Challenge each year, which helps to reduce the team's reliance on automotive transport and promote daily outdoor exercise.

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