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Stephenie is one of Go Sustainable Energy's commercial energy experts. Her knowledge of commercial cooking, exhaust, and HVAC equipment has been critical our success. She has also provided exhaustive analysis of industrial and commercial steam boiler systems. She regularly performs third-party measurement & verification (M&V) work for multiple utility, commercial, and industrial clients on complex energy using systems such as compressed air, chilled water, and production equipment.

Before coming to Go Sustainable Energy, Stephenie also worked for an energy services company in Southwest Ohio as an energy engineer. While there, Stephenie identified and calculated energy savings for municipal buildings, industrial plants, and educational facilities.

Stephenie received a MS in Renewable and Clean Energy from the University of Dayton (UD) in December 2012. At UD, she was a leading member of the Building Energy Center (BEC). In collaboration with local utility companies, she helped to establish the BEC's signature commercial building energy audit process. Additionally, her engineering graduate work involved promoting building energy efficiency in the commercial sector and also involved analyzing and motivating community level energy efficiency improvements. In particular, she focused on developing calculation- and data-based energy audit tools and guiding other students in applying these tools to existing buildings.

Stephenie has also earned a MS (2004) and a BS (2001) degree in Physics from the University of California, Davis. She has also served as an adjunct faculty member in the Otterbein University Physics Department.

Stemming from her background in physics, Stephenie is keen to dive into the details of a project to develop a true understanding of the energy efficiency challenges faced in each situation in order to develop creative and effective solutions. She believes maximizing energy efficiency is the first step in achieving a sustainable net-zero energy future and plays a key role in the economic stability of local communities. She is also deeply interested in the role of the local and organic food movement as another integral part to achieving healthy communities.

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