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Charles's skills with data analysis and statistical regression enable our team to perform accurate third-party M&V work for multiple clients. Charles led a two-year third-party review of the Energy Efficiency Commercial Block Grant (EECBG) program in Ohio, which funded energy-efficient improvements at over 40 Ohio sites. Charles also oversees the development, technical analysis, and management of highly cost-effective energy-efficiency programs for two of Ohio's municipal electric utilities.

Our team also relies on Charles's programming and analysis expertise where large data sets for portfolios of facilities are involved. Charles has led the development of complex algorithms to assist clients with a portfolio-scale approach to residential energy efficiency implementation. Charles is also one of Go Sustainable Energy's pumping system energy experts and regularly participates on energy auditing and commissioning projects.

Charles has received both his Bachelor's (2002) and Master's (2007) degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Dayton (UD), and is a licensed professional engineer in Ohio. Charles's graduate research was on building and industrial energy efficiency, within UD's Building Energy Center and Industrial Assessment Center. Charles also administered an international immersion-based program for undergraduate engineers (UD ETHOS). His work included student preparation and support, appropriate technology design and analysis, and an awareness of the complexities of operating across borders and cultures. In support of this program, Charles visited and lived in Central America for varying periods of time. This further strengthened his understanding of appropriate technologies as well as the varying needs of the global community.

Charles has a deep interest in both pursuing and promoting holistic sustainable practices within society. This includes energy efficiency as well as the promotion of improvements in our material processes, cultural norms, and even human relationships. In improving his understanding of these realities and developing his abilities, Charles has worked in social services, education, traditional craft, and of course technical analysis and development. Through these varied experiences Charles hopes to gain improved insights and a strengthened ability to address the energy needs of society as a whole.

If you get the opportunity, have him bake you bread, he's kind of famous for it!

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