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Neil is one of Go Sustainable Energy's commercial energy experts. His understanding of energy using systems has been used to identify energy-efficiency opportunities in settings such as, but not limited to hospital, industrial, large commercial, and food-service. Neil is skilled at creating energy models for new construction and major renovations. These skills also allow him to perform utility-scale M&V for utility new construction programs.

Before coming to Go Sustainable Energy, Neil worked for an energy services company in Central Ohio as an energy engineer. While there, he conducted energy audits, developed self-funding projects, performed energy simulations, and worked extensively with utility incentive programs. Neil also has specific experience with building controls and automation systems. He received his Niagara AX certification and has worked on several large building automation and metering projects.

Neil graduated with honors from the University of Dayton (UD) with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree in 2010. While at UD, Neil became fascinated with energy efficiency. He focused his studies on renewable energy systems, climate physics, building energy efficiency, and lean manufacturing. During college, he worked in an Air Force Research Laboratory within the propulsions directorate at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base as well as at the National Composite Center doing research in ceramic materials.

Neil firmly believes that building a more efficient and sustainable society will be the most important undertaking of this generation. He is happy to be working with like-minded individuals who are motivated by the tangible environmental impacts of their work. Neil juggles with Jest Jugglers in Columbus. He will teach you about "siteswap" notation if you let him (don't), which is the study of juggling through mathematics.

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