Benefits of working with Go Sustainable Energy

Cost Savings

Go Sustainable Energy's services typically pay for themselves through energy reduction and cost savings. For example, for our energy assessments we set a goal of identifying opportunities to reduce our clients' energy costs by 30%, and we regularly meet this target. Moreover, these cost savings can be implemented economically. We find many opportunities with simple paybacks of about 1 to 4 years, and many less than 6 months. The return-on-investment of these opportunities thus ranges from about 25% to well over 100%.

Go Sustainable Energy in general finds more opportunities than other firms, especially low and no-cost opportunities. This is in part because we are independent and unbiased: we do not sell equipment or mechanical design services. Unlike other firms, we are focused solely on energy-efficiency. It is also because we have the best training, qualifications, experience, tools and infrastructure of any team in the region.

With such high returns, energy efficiency is one of best, if not the best, investment opportunities available. The financial returns of an energy efficiency project likely outpace your savings account, 401k and stock investments. The returns are so great, that one could finance projects with loans, especially since low-interest loans are available from the State of Ohio for energy efficiency projects.

Let's get started.

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