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Expert Advice

While many companies sell their services or products truly believing they will save energy, often they do not have the expertise or take the time to determine if this is the case. We have encountered projects where expensive boiler replacements were justified on a poor existing efficiency, only to measure the efficiency as high and determine the savings were unjustified. We have observed "efficient" geothermal systems designed and installed without programmable thermostats, fan scheduling or variable pumping: standard energy efficiency technologies. We have seen quarter million dollar projects justified based on calculations that inflated energy savings by 600%. Unfortunately, understanding of energy impacts among equipment vendors, HVAC firms, architects and even energy-service companies is in an infantile stage, and often results in misallocation of funds.

In addition, lack of expertise typically results in the best opportunities being missed. Energy efficiency is broadly described with the clichéd term "low-hanging fruit". This makes energy efficiency sound easy and simple. In our experience, "low-hanging fruit" means the opportunities that are easiest to identify are implemented, while the most economical opportunities are ignored. Many facilities have implemented energy efficiency projects, with the best opportunities still undiscovered.

Go Sustainable Energy has the expertise that other organizations lack. Our engineers have been trained specifically in the field of energy-efficiency. Our credentials are excellent, with DOE Energy Experts, professional engineers and Ph.D.s on our staff. Our staff regularly contributes to the academic advancement of analysis techniques and assessment methodologies (as noted in Resources: Published Papers). We have the measurement tools necessary to eliminate the assumptions other companies rely on, and we have the software tools and technical resources to provide the most accurate savings estimations.

Why leave the savings on the shelf?

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