Published Papers

No one company or person will solve the climate and energy crises. Sharing of information and ideas within the energy-efficiency field is of great importance. We not only publish our key findings, but we regularly serve on abstract selection panels and review panels for some of the same conferences listed here. Below are relevant papers published by our staff.

Integrated Backup Power

Mitigating Risk from Grid Outages with Energy Efficiency Technologies (ACEEE, 2009)

Energy and Interval Data Analysis

Estimating Industrial Building Energy Savings using Inverse Simulation (ASHRAE, 2011)

Benchmarking Approaches: An Assessment of Best Practice Plant-Wide Energy Signatures (ACEEE, 2005)

Lean Energy Analysis: Identifying, Discovering and Tracking Energy Savings Potential (SME Technical Papers, 2004)

Understanding Manufacturing Energy Use through Statistical Analysis (IETC, 2004)

Profiling and Forecasting Daily Energy Use with Monthly Utility-Data Regression Models (ASHRAE Transactions, 2010)

Beyond Energy Star: The Next Step in Benchmarking K-12 School Building Energy Use (ASES, 2007)

Targeting Residential Energy Assistance Programs (ISES, 2007)

Net-Zero Energy

Feasibility Study for a ZNE Campus Retrofit (ACEEE, 2012)

The Path to Net-Zero Energy Manufacturing (ACEEE, 2011)

Cost Optimization of a Net-Zero Energy House (ASME, 2007)

Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Net-Zero Campus Residence (ASME, 2006)

Conceptual Design of a Net-Zero Energy Campus Residence (ASME, 2005)

Industrial Energy Use

Understanding Industrial Energy Use through Lean Energy Analysis (SAE, 2011)

Measuring Progress with Normalized Energy Intensity (SAE, 2011)

Quantifying Energy Savings from Industrial Productivity Improvements (ACEEE, 2007)

Quantifying Energy Savings from Lean Manufacturing Productivity Increases (IETC, 2006)

Lost Opportunities in Industrial Energy Efficiency: New Production, Lean Manufacturing and Lean Energy (IETC, 2006)

Lean Energy Analysis: Guiding Industrial Energy Reduction Efforts to the Theoretical Minimum Energy Use (ACEEE, 2005)

Demand Response Enabling Technologies and Approaches for Industrial Facilities (IETC, 2005)

Commercial Energy Use

How the Culture of Inefficiency is Out-Foxing LEED, ASHRAE, and Efficiency Programs in the Midwest (ACEEE, 2012)

Residential Energy Use

Promoting Energy-Efficient Behavior (Greening of the Campus V, 2003)

Occupancy and Behavioral Effects on Residential Energy Use (ASES, 2003)

Passive Solar / Energy

Net Energy Costs of Skylights (ACEEE, 2007)

Computer Simulation of Cooling Effect on a Passively Ventilated Building (ICEBO, 2002)

Macro Energy Perspectives

Energy Efficiency Improvement: Exceeding the Historical Rates at the Plant Level with New Concepts (SAE, 2007)

Economics of Energy Efficiency in a CO2 Constrained World (ACEEE, 2007)

Energy Education

The Engineers in Technical, Humanitarian Opportunities of Service-Learning at the University of Dayton as an Integrated Service-Learning Program Model (ASEE, 2006)

Student Perspectives of Curriculum Integrated International Technical Immersions (ASEE, 2006)

Student Perspectives of Curriculum Integrated Service-Learning Internships (ASEE, 2005)

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