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Services we recommend for Green/LEED Buildings

Green is growing fast and many firms are struggling to keep up with expertise demanded of them. Especially in regards to energy efficiency. Our team can be part of your LEED team. Our services are perfect fits for the following LEED credits:

  • LEED-NC, EA Prerequisite 1 - Fundamental Commissioning of the Building Energy Systems
  • LEED-NC, EA Credit 1 - Optimize Energy Performance
  • LEED-NC, EA Credit 3 - Enhanced Commissioning
  • LEED-NC, EA Credit 5 - Measurement & Verification
  • LEED-EB, EA Prerequisite 1 - Existing Building Commissioning
  • LEED-EB, EA Prerequisite 2 - Minimum Energy Performance
  • LEED-EB, EA Credit 1 - Optimize Energy Performance
  • LEED-EB, EA Credit 3.1 - Building Operations and Maintenance, Staff Education

Technical Assistance
Despite high energy prices, little consideration is given to energy use as design criteria for building and industrial systems. We assist our clients in determining how much different equipment options will cost them to operate. We can prevent costly mistakes in the design and specification process which would result in high energy use. Additionally, we can provide the third-party, independent verification needed for tax incentives, grants, rebates and certifications. Learn More>>

Energy Efficient Commissioning and Retrocommissioning
Commissioning should be more than just a buzzword. Every building uses energy in a unique way, it has its own energy signature. However, building and system design often ignore this. We commission buildings with an eye on energy efficiency, evaluating set-points, schedules and operating procedures to optimize energy performance. We relish LEED's Enhanced Commissioning credit, which provides a mechanism for energy to be a criteria throughout the design and implementation process.Learn More>>

Passive Solar Design
What comes after compact fluorescents and programmable thermostats and geothermal heat-pumps? What happens when such-and-such percent lower than ASHRAE 90.1 just doesn't cut it anymore? Today's advances are tomorrow's inefficient designs. The greenest, most-advanced buildings incorporate passive solar design features. Learn More>>

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