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Services we recommend for Utilities

Utilities have a wide range of needs, from energy assessments to technical assistance for their programs. Our staff has worked with several utilities in Ohio, New England and New York.

Utility and Interval Data Analysis
For many organizations data availability is not the problem, it's what to do with all of that data! Even utility data holds an incredible wealth of information. However, extracting useful information from mounds of energy data can be a daunting task. We apply state-of-the-art regression models to your data and combine them with our intimate knowledge of building and energy systems to identify savings opportunities and best performers.Learn More>>

Energy Assessments
Energy assessments are the first step to energy use reduction, as they provide a baseline of energy use and an itemized list of actionable energy efficiency measures. We typically identify opportunities which would reduce facility energy costs by 10% - 30%, many with an ROI of 50% or more. Learn More>>

Technical Assistance
Despite high energy prices, little consideration is given to energy use as design criteria for building and industrial systems. We assist our clients in determining how much different equipment options will cost them to operate. We can prevent costly mistakes in the design and specification process which would result in high energy use. Additionally, we can provide the third-party, independent verification needed for tax incentives, grants, rebates and certifications. Learn More>>

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