Energy Efficient and LEED Commissioning

Commissioning should be more than just a buzzword - it should reduce your energy use and costs. Do it right, not cheap.

For many facilities, especially commercial buildings, significant energy savings are achievable by evaluating equipment operation. Verifying that existing equipment is operating to the design intent, and optimizing existing equipment performance for a specific building is referred to as 'Commissioning' for new buildings and 'Re-commissioning' or 'Retro-commissioning' for existing buildings.

We have led or participated in several commissioning and retro-commissioning teams, and have conducted numerous post-installation inspections of energy-efficiency measures. We have successfully completed many Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning projects for buildings obtaining LEED certification.

We view commissioning as important service that should pay for itself in energy cost savings, and for our projects it has. However, recent trends suggest that many firms are providing gutted services at below market prices simply to obtain another LEED credit or prerequisite. When this happens, it is a true waste of money, as the intent and value of commissioning is compromised. For example, many firms only test a sample of equipment in the facility - our firm tests all HVAC equipment.

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