Utility and Interval Data Analysis

Extract useful information from energy data you already have.

Corporate energy managers and multi-building landlords have access to an excellent data source for identifying energy efficiency opportunities in their facilities' utility bills. Because facilities vary in size and location, direct comparisons of energy use are difficult. Many large corporations have yet to normalize their buildings' energy use to local weather conditions, or other factors such as production.

Go Sustainable Energy uses state-of-the-art statistical regression analysis software to normalize facility energy use to weather, sales, production and other factors. With normalization, multiple facilities' energy use can be directly compared, revealing best and worst-practice facilities.

For small portfolios, Go Sustainable Energy offers this benchmarking service. For large portfolios, Go Sustainable Energy has partnered with E Source of Boulder, CO to offer Facility Metrics.

Baseline M&V

Go Sustainable Energy has unique expertise in creating statistical regression models of building energy use as a function of temperature, occupancy, production and other factors. These models serve as excellent baselines for measurement and verification, as the effects of independent variables are normalized.

Global Warming Energy Forecasting

Most energy simulation models and consumption forecasting rely on weather data sets which do not account for rising temperatures, such as the typical meteorological year (TMY2) data files and heating and cooling degree-day data sets. Go Sustainable Energy applies global warming temperature forecasts to the statistical regression models of energy use we create to forecast the impact of global warming on energy use.

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