Energy Audits

Maximize your return-on-investment with Go Sustainable Energy. Typical findings often reduce energy costs by 10% to 30% at an ROI of 50% or more.

Go Sustainable Energy provides all levels of energy audits - ASHRAE Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 - for industrial, commercial and institutional facilities. For most facilities, a walk-through or Level 2 energy audit is appropriate. Learn about which audit is right for you from our process, described below. Energy audits are the first step towards energy use reduction. They provide a baseline of energy use and an itemized list of actionable energy efficiency measures. Our team of best-in-class engineers has led hundreds of energy audits.

What to Expect

Expect to achieve a return-on-investment (ROI) much greater than any other return for your money. We identify between 10% and 30% cost savings for our clients, with a typical facility capable of 20% savings. Our clients then commonly achieve a combined simple payback of about 2 years. That's a 50% ROI, and we wager much, much better than any other investment you can find! The key to achieving this magnitude of savings and return is the same as with traditional investing: expert knowledge and no conflict-of-interest. Read below to learn more about our process.

Also, expect financial assistance from utility programs.

Why Choose Go?

When it comes to energy audits, we have competitors, but we have no peers. Here's what distinguishes the Go team from the rest:

  • True Independence - Is your prospective energy auditor motivated by a more lucrative project resulting from the audit? Could this bias their recommendations or savings calculations? Could they be using the audit as a loss-leader and recouping cost on the back-end? Possible. This is why we sell no products, and we don't install equipment, design the systems, performance contract, or manage the project. All of our in-state competitors - all of them - and most of our competitors nationally have one of these after-services. This may lead to a bias towards audit recommendations that maximize capital expenditure. In the end, you may pay more on unneeded projects. Our firm always serves as a client advocate, resulting in accurate savings calculations tailored to the client's goals and greater savings achieved at reduced implementation costs.
  • It's Our Core Business - Energy efficiency is our core business. We have an inherent advantage over other firms because we simply spend more time on energy efficiency than they do. Other firms, time and expertise is diluted by other services which by nature require very different skills sets - design engineering, performance contracting, project management, etc.
  • Expert Leadership - Our audits are led by seasoned veterans with hundreds of energy audits under their belt. We consider energy auditing to be a type of professional engineering (though the state does not, yet), which should require supervision of a Professional Engineer (PE). Most of our staff are licensed PEs, including our CEO and any project manager. Many other auditing firms are not run by engineers but oddly often by former salespeople. In other areas of professional engineering, it is illegal to have a non-engineer overseeing engineering work. When you hire Go, all work receives expert review and quality control. With other firms, a salesperson often has the power to overrule their engineers.
  • Accuracy - When our clients invest their hard-earned money expecting a high return, they do so armed with accurate savings calculations. Good accuracy is highly dependent on good data, which is in turn dependent on good data-gathering equipment. We have built-up an extensive tool kit which we use on energy audits. We believe any competent energy auditing firm should have the same.
  • Safety - Energy auditing includes evaluating electricity use. To do so accurately, power and energy measurements must often be taken of key pieces of equipment. This may mean that measurements need to be taken inside a live electrical panel. At Go, we have implemented a continuous improvement program for safety. We work with our client's electricians to make sure the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn. When our client does not have trained electricians or facilities staff and when it's safe, our staff is trained to work on low-voltage (< 600 V) equipment and can do so safely. We believe any competent energy auditing firm should have their staff trained to work on low-voltage equipment and will communicate safety issues to their clients.
  • Report Quality - Our energy audit reports come with an accompanying Technical Reference Manual. This manual contains all measurements, estimates, and equations used in calculating savings. Each calculation is peer-reviewed by our staff, and we present these calculations to our client for transparency. Contact us to acquire redacted reports of past audits.
  • References - Our references are excellent. Please contact us to speak to a past client.

    Our Process

    ASHRAE Level I Energy Audit

    An ASHRAE Level 1 energy audit is meant as an initial step towards an ASHRAE Level 2. According to ASHRAE,
    "The Level 1 audit is most applicable when there is some doubt about the energy savings potential of a building or when an owner wishes to establish which buildings in a portfolio have the greatest potential savings. The results can be used to develop a priority list for a Level 2 or Level 3 audit."
    It has a much lower cost but also provides much less actionable information. Typically, a trained engineer walks through your facility over the course of about one hour to one-half-day, qualitatively evaluating the building's energy systems and noting areas for efficiency improvements. After the walk-through, a short memorandum is issued with findings. The findings from the walk-through may or may not justify the cost of conducting an ASHRAE Level 2 energy audit.

    ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit

    An ASHRAE Level 2 energy audit typically involves the following process, though this can be modified on a client-by-client basis:

  • Utility Analysis - We analyze 12-to-36 months of gas and electric bills, creating a temperature and/or production-normalized baseline of energy use. These baselines can be used to measure normalized energy savings. We recreate your energy costs based on your rate structure to determine the avoided cost of energy and to identify potential billing errors. We trend your utility data to understand your consumption patterns and look for anomalies. When we walk into your facility, we are armed with utility usage knowledge to assist in identifying savings opportunities.
  • Site Visit and Data Collection - We walk through the site with a knowledgeable facilities staff person or engineer. We then develop a list of opportunities to investigate and collect data. We typically leave multiple data-logging devices on key energy using equipment for several weeks.
  • Energy Analysis and Report Writing - After retrieving our data logging equipment, we then transparently calculate energy, cost, and green-house-gas savings, estimate implementation costs, and write up our findings.
  • Report Review - We highly encourage a review of a draft report with our client. We review our findings, answer questions, and make any adjustments needed to the report.
  • After the Report - We can serve as an owner's advocate, if requested, to review project implementation and ensure savings are achieved. We do not manage projects, install equipment, engineer the systems, or performance contract.

    ASHRAE Level III Energy Audit

    An ASHRAE Level 3 audit is a detailed analysis of a capital improvement project. We have found that the analysis we provide for a Level 2 audit would match other firms' Level 3 analysis. As a result, we rarely see a need for a Level 3 audit since our data metering and analysis is typically sufficient. That said, we may conduct a more costly study of equipment replacement for very large capital improvement projects where the cost of the project must be justified by the savings calculation.

    As ASHRAE admits, "the levels of energy audits do not have sharp boundaries". In the end, we provide a custom solution to our clients that most resembles an ASHRAE Level 2 audit.

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