Building Energy Simulations

Submit your LEED energy simulation with confidence in the results.

Building energy simulation can be a powerful tool, allowing one to energy performance for a variety of scenarios. They capture the interactive effects of the mechanical systems, occupancy requirements and the building envelope. However, energy simulation packages can also be fickle. It takes experience and good understanding of building energy systems to develop a robust building model at economical costs. Otherwise, energy simulation software can be prone to "garbage in, garbage out" results.

Many building energy simulations are created for LEED certification to achieve points under EAc1 and to meet prerequisite EAp2. This type of simulation requires an in-depth understanding of ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G, in addition to knowledge of building energy systems and the software modeling package. Our team is so strong with LEED energy modeling, that in recent years we have been hired to "clean-up" energy models that have been rejected by the USGBC. That said, energy modeling should be used as a design tool, not a once-through exercise to determine the number of LEED points achieved by a facility. With us as your consultant, we bring our broad energy-efficiency experience to the table to help the design team to optimize their designs and achieve higher savings more cost-effectively. And you can be confident that the model that is submitted is accurate and defendable.

We utilize several building simulation software packages, including eQuest and Trane Trace. In cases where one of the software programs has limitations in modeling, we use other packages to verify simulation predictions. We also bound simulation results with estimates from inverse modeling, a technique that relies on sophisticated statistical regression models of building energy use. Finally, for advanced modeling situations we may use a range of supplementary software packages.

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