Energy Exchange

"Progress is going to come from the bottom up, not the top down. That's just reality." - Mary Nichols, California Air Resource Board on Durban climate change talks

With national and international government action letting us down, as a business we're stepping it up. Global warming warrants a global solution. Together, let's increase the transfer efficiency of knowledge, information, and good ideas. Let's make connections, and build community, towards the goal of sustainable energy for all.

At Go, we believe there's much to be gained from diversifying experiences, getting outside your comfort zone, and learning from and teaching others. Much has been said about the need for technology transfer from developed to developing countries. This should include knowledge, information, and ideas. Since there is not a mechanism to create this international market, we're innovating and stepping up to the plate.

We're seeking international and national partners for revenue-neutral engineer exchanges. Much like a student exchange, we'd house an engineer from your organization, integrating them on our projects, and teaching them our methods and techniques. Similarly, one of our engineers would work for you for an agreed time period that works for both organizations. Ranging from several weeks to several months, the costs would include room and board, while the engineer would continue to receive their regular salary from their organization. Good candidate organizations should realize that the benefit of new knowledge gained would outweigh the cost of additional time from working with a new engineer.

Some of our staff is fluent in Arabic and Slovenian, and conversational in Spanish and Portuguese. Several have volunteered engineering time overseas. All are culturally sensitive and curios.

Join us from the bottom up, creating Sustainable Energy for All.

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