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Religious Organization Energy Assessment Courses

Energy use and costs are of increasing concern to religious organizations for many reasons, including:
- Rising energy costs are not easily accommodated by parishioners, who are already paying their own rising energy costs.
- Energy use is associated with green-house gas emissions and other forms of pollution.
- High energy prices often support hateful and undemocratic groups.

These three very serious issues have resulted in increased attention from religious organizations to their own energy use and supply, and religious leadership is increasingly supportive of sustainable energy use. A challenge for religious organizations is that due to their facility size, they are in-between market segments for energy efficiency and renewable energy services. Most companies either specialize in the residential market or the commercial/industrial market. Churches, synagogues and other religious buildings are slightly too big and complex to be served by residential companies effectively, while too small to be served by commercial companies at a reasonable cost. As a result, they have been neglected.

For that reason, and in response to a high interest level, Go Sustainable Energy has developed an instructional course-based energy assessment service, which includes a site visit by our engineers, specifically for religious facilities and small commercial buildings. Four 3-hour courses will be offered over a 2-month period to several religious organizations. We thus utilize economies of scale, while also leveraging in-kind labor from the religious organizations. The result is an energy assessment which maintains the same high level of quality that a for-profit organization receives – and a religious organization deserves – at a much, much lower cost.

Courses include 1). Energy Efficiency Today (open to all parishioners) and Utility Bills, 2). Lighting, Appliances, Hot Water/Kitchen, 3). Building Envelope and HVAC, 4). Carbon Footprints and Benchmarking, Assessment Reports and Implementation.

Please contact John Seryak at our office for more information.

DOE Pumping System Assessments

The US Department of Energy (DOE) sponsors Energy Saving Assessments (ESAs) through the Save Energy Now (SEN) program. As part of this, the DOE fully or partly sponsors 3-day teaching assessments of various energy-intensive systems for industry, including pumping, fans, compressed air, process heating and steam systems.

Go Sustainable Energy has DOE pumping system Energy Experts on staff, and has conducted several pumping system assessments at large industrial sites. Industrial facilities with large pumping loads may be eligible for DOE sponsored assessments. For more information, please see the DOE’s website (below) or contact us. For more information, please see the DOE's website (below) or contact us.

Go Sustainable Energy is happy to conduct these teaching assessments for other pumping-intense facilities, such as water or wastewater treatment plants. However, these teaching assessments would not be eligible for DOE funding.

Building Operator Certification

The Building Operator Certification (BOC) program is a multi-day course which certifies facility and maintenance staff on energy-efficiency principals of building energy use. The program is also promoted by the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, and is offered in the Midwest states of Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri. In Ohio, the BOC program is administered by the Ohio Public Facilities Maintenance Association (OPFMA). Go Sustainable Energy has BOC instructors on staff for the 101 Building Systems Overview, 102 Energy Conservation Techniques and 104 Efficient Lighting Fundamentals courses. The following links provide information on the program and its sponsors:

Workshops for Facilities and Maintenance Staff, Occupants

Energy use is very dependent on operational procedures, occupant behavior, purchasing practices, design principles and other daily decisions. Ultimately, energy efficiency principals must be incorporated into these processes. Therefore, Go Sustainable Energy offers educational workshops for facilities and maintenances staff, occupants and other staff.

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