Micro-Grid/Energy-Island Integrated Sustainable Energy Analysis

The first zero-carbon grids will be rural towns, islands, or other micro-grids.

The general path forward to a zero-carbon grid is well assumed. Bring the costs of renewable energy generation down, massively implement energy efficiency, and add batteries to taste. However, as engineers, we know the devil is in the details, and the way forward to a zero-carbon world is fraught with technical challenges. Probably, most of these challenges are yet to be conceived, as we have not yet dealt with electric grids with large amounts of renewable energy. Moreover, we've only begun to consider the consequences of moving the transportation sector and other fuel-based systems over to the electric grid.

Our team feels that to better understand the macro-solutions of the future, it is imperative to understand them on a micro-scale today. For this reason, we are seeking partners to evaluate and analyze energy efficiency, renewable energy generation, and energy storage potential and technologies for micro-grids, also known as energy islands. Energy islands can be quite literally an island. Or, they may be far-flung towns with limited connectivity to the larger grid. Trains, boats, and military bases are other examples of small systems with their own electric generation, distribution, storage, and consumption components.

Our micro-grid studies will:

  • Identify and quantify the maximum energy-efficiency available from the best available technologies, for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and transportation sectors.
  • Identify and quantify the maximum renewable energy generation resources available, including solar electric, solar thermal, micro or utility scale wind, biomass, and others.
  • Evaluate renewable energy generation and energy consumption profiles for a year on daily and 5-minute intervals.
  • We will consider how much energy storage is needed for long periods of under-generation, as well as short blips from cloudy or still days. We'll evaluate which storage technologies are needed and feasible, for different storage capacities and charge durations.

    Blaze the trail to a zero-carbon grid, join us as a pioneer.

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