Owner Advocate

Expert advice at every point in your energy management process.

Unbiased, expert technical advice on energy efficiency and renewable energy is needed by today's businesses and organizations now more than ever. Energy efficiency and renewable energy investments can put hundreds to hundreds-of-thousands of dollars at risk. While obviously we consider these technologies good candidates for a business's investment, we put our engineering skepticism to work for our clients. We are livid when we observe poorly thought-out projects spend thousands of dollars without realizing savings. We are motivated to see real savings achieved for our clients. Because of this, we provide unmatched scrutiny to your project, but at an economical cost since our staff is so experienced. Because we sell no products, design, or management services, we can serve conflict free as the owner's advocate.

Our role as owner's advocate encompasses many of our traditional services described elsewhere on this website, and others, including:

  • Energy audits and/or energy plans (Identifying projects; quantifying energy, cost, and emissions savings; utility rate analysis)
  • Utility rebate applications
  • Other financing applications (government tax incentives, grants, or loans)
  • Development of Owner's Project Requirements
  • Engineering design review
  • Equipment specification review
  • Installation evaluation and equipment functional testing (commissioning)
  • Operator training
  • On-going measurement & verification
  • Power-purchase agreement (PPA) review

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