PACE Program Consulting

PACE breaks down the financing barrier for renewable energy and energy-efficiency projects. We break down the technical information barriers.

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs use the special improvement district (SID) legislative mechanism to finance clean-energy projects using low-interest municipal bonds. The projects produce positive cash-flow for the end-user, who pays for them over time through a tax assessment that stays with the property. PACE is increasingly being used to spur economic development in a city, while improving the value and attractiveness of its properties.

PACE programs are important because of their ability to distribute risk and provide access to capital. This can allow properties with low payback thresholds - such as manufacturers - or owner/tenant buildings, to overcome several barriers to investing in energy-efficiency or renewable energy technology. Consider the many office buildings where the tenant pays the utility bills, but does not own the building or its equipment. In these scenarios, investment in energy-efficiency and renewable energy is constrained by the equipment and energy costs being split amongst two parties. PACE provides a mechanism to make these investments while benefiting both the landlord and tenant. Alternately, consider a small office building which may change hands every 5 years or so. PACE allows a projects financing to stick with the property, alleviating uncertainty and lengthening the payback threshold of the building owner.

For PACE programs to be effective, it is imperative that they actually produce positive cash-flow for the building owners or tenants. With energy-efficiency, this is trickier than it seems. This is because energy-efficiency projects are actually very technical, and achieving energy savings is highly dependent on getting the details right. This is where our team fits in with your PACE program. We provide technical certainty that energy savings will be achieved, by offering the following services for PACE:

  • Eligible Project List - We vet and set-up a list of eligible projects, especially in regards to energy-efficiency. These measures are determined to produce positive cash-flow in most situations, and can be used to drive common projects into the PACE program.
  • Project Application, Terms & Conditions Consulting - Our team consults on your proposed application and process, providing key insights into what technical details should be requested, and how best to do so. Getting the application right is key, as this can streamline the application process, and save thousands of hours in program administration costs down the road. If requested, we can construct the application and terms and conditions.
  • Project Application Review - We review project applications for technical merit, and to determine if savings calculations are adequate. Where savings calculations are not provided, we can fill in at the cost of the program or the applicant.
  • Project Evaluation, Measurement & Verification - Our team evaluates, measures and verifies energy and cost savings for utility efficiency programs, and we can do the same for your PACE program. We serve as a true independent third party in this role, since we have no financial tie to the results of the project. The financier and financee both know that they are receiving an unbiased evaluation that can be trusted.
  • Integrating PACE with other Utility and Government programs - We can advise on how to best integrate your PACE program with local utility, and state and federal government programs.

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