Multi-Building Portfolio Analysis

Allocate financial resources and time efficiently.

Corporate energy managers and multi-building landlords have access to an excellent data source for identifying energy efficiency opportunities - their facilities' utility bills. Because facilities vary in size and location, direct comparisons of energy use are difficult. Many large corporations have yet to normalize their buildings' energy use to local weather conditions, or other factors such as production.

Go Sustainable Energy uses state-of-the-art statistical regression analysis software to normalize facility energy use to weather, sales, production and other factors. With normalization, multiple facilities' energy use can be directly compared, revealing Best and Worst-Performer facilities. And we're good at it. Many benchmarking efforts combine monthly gas and electric use into one vague annual kBtu/ft2 metric. We think they've dropped the ball, and our method picks up that ball and runs the other way. We keep electric and gas use separate, and extract even MORE information from the monthly utility bills. We disaggregate electric and gas use into their constituent components, and can reasonably benchmark things such as space heating use. This allows us to identify Best and Worst Performers, with some insight into the cause - building shell, equipment, or set-points. And this is just the start. We also evaluate changes in historical energy use, a process we call Past-Performance Benchmarking.

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