Utility Rebate Assistance

The utilities are trying to give you money. TAKE IT!

You're implementing projects and utilities are offering monetary incentives. Our team can help overcome several barriers towards receiving rebate money:

  • Custom Savings Calculations - Businesses and manufacturers implement many energy savings projects each year which don't fit the prescriptive rebate forms on utility websites. These custom projects can still receive rebate money; they just require a detailed engineered savings calculation. Our team can cost-effectively calculate expected energy and cost savings for your custom project, so you can more accurately estimate the rebate potential and seamlessly apply for rebates without fear of rejection by the utility.

  • Application Assistance - Sometimes finding the time to fill out a rebate application, and filling it out correctly, can be difficult and a barrier to receiving the rebate money. Our team can assist in completing incentive and rebate application forms. In First Energy and AEP-Ohio territory, we can do so at a free or reduced cost, depending on the project size and complexity.

    Take the money and run.

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