Sustainable Energy Engineer-in-Residence

We help your community or organization address its energy efficiency and sustainable energy needs in an immersed, collaborative, hands-on manner.

Energy problems don't always come in discrete, nicely bundled packages, with an answer that's in the back of the book. In fact, in many cases the problem may not even be defined. The path to sustainable energy for a given community or organization could involve people, politics, technology, and many other variables. As such, the technical solutions may need to be in the context of a custom, holistic solution.

We created the Sustainable Energy Engineer-in-Residence program to place an experienced and professional engineer in your community, to help define your challenges and opportunities, and collaboratively craft a custom, holistic solution. The Engineer-in-Residence will draw upon our entire staff's experience with regular calls and web-conferences, but be present in your organization or community for an agreed upon period of time.

Who should consider an Engineer-in-Residence? We think that great candidates include towns, villages, or cities; national parks, or state or metropark entities; or even a business such as a manufacturing facility with high energy needs.

What's the process? While each case will be unique, the process will approximately involve:

  • Identifying obstacles and challenges
  • Identifying assets and opportunities
  • Laying out a plan with actionable steps towards achieving greater sustainable energy use.
  • Implementing early plan steps, such as technically evaluating the opportunities, or coordinating with utility, local, state, or federal programs.

    As with our Engineer Exchange program, we created this innovative service to help achieve sustainable energy for all, from the bottom up. It is a proactive way to make big progress while government action is atrophied.

    Join us from the bottom up, creating Sustainable Energy for All.

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