Technical Assistance

Energy use is one of the highest costs of any project. Why ignore it? Bring it into the design process.
Life-Cycle Costing and Focused Assessments

Go Sustainable Energy offers Life-Cycle Costing to evaluate focused energy projects. As part of this service, the annual and lifetime energy use and costs are quantified for specific upgrades or retrofits. Energy use and costs can be evaluated for several different equipment or system options.

Design and Specification Consultation

Identifying opportunities and quantifying energy savings are only the first step towards realizing those savings. We have found that 'efficient' systems are often designed inefficiently, or that equipment is specified with inefficient features. For this reason, Go Sustainable Energy offers consulting services at these stages of a project. A small level of involvement by our team often results in significant avoided energy use.

Federal, State and Utility Incentives

Go Sustainable Energy assists clients in assembling funding packages, whether through utility rebates, Ohio's Low-Interest Loan program, Federal tax incentives, US Department of Agriculture grants or green-house gas (GHG) emission credit trading. Many of these programs require energy savings calculations to be conducted and signed-off on by a qualified Professional Engineer without a financial conflict-of-interest. Go Sustainable Energy is one of the few firms which offer this un-conflicted service in Ohio and surrounding states.

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