Training, Workshops, & Seminars

Teaching energy-efficiency fundamentals so our clients can make better informed decisions.

Energy efficiency has always been economical, and typically involves off-the-shelf technologies. In fact, the largest barrier to energy savings hasn't been the need for technological advancement, or improved cost economics. Rather, the biggest barrier has been lack of knowledge - identification of energy saving opportunities, confidence in the estimated savings, and implementation know-how. With energy-efficiency, the devil is in the details, and there can be a lot of details.

For this reason, we offer seminars, trainings, and workshops customized to your organization's needs. We can teach about energy-efficiency in general, or get in-depth and technology specific. Possible trainings include but are not limited to:

  • Technology specific energy-efficiency workshops for vendor allies. Ex., compressed air energy efficiency, VFD applications, lighting, etc.
  • Commercial and industrial (C&I) customer seminars advocating general and specific energy efficiency knowledge.
  • In-depth training for efficiency program staff. Possibly this is general overview material, though it could also be technology specific and in-depth.
  • Building energy simulation training for architects and engineers.
  • Energy-efficient operations training for building operators, and facilities and maintenance staff.

    There are many topics and subjects we could instruct on. In general, we're seeking to partner with organizations or businesses that will make good use of our knowledge. We have provided seminars and workshops for the following organizations:

  • AEP-Ohio - Energy-efficiency program kick-off day-long seminars for commercial and industrial (C&I) customers
  • Indiana Michigan Power - Day-long energy-efficiency seminars for commercial and industrial customers
  • Dayton Power & Light - Presentations for program staff
  • AMP's Efficiency Smart (VEIC) - Presentations for program staff
  • Rural Electric Cooperatives - C&I presentations for Paulding-Putnam REC, Consolidated Electric, Logan County REC, and Union County REC
  • Building Operator Certification (BOC) - Multiple staff certified to teach BOC 101, 102, and 104 courses
  • DOE PSAT Energy Saving Assessments - Provided multiple 3-day workshops on pumping system energy efficiency for industrial plants

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