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The Need

The Columbus Metropolitan Library’s (CML) 2020 Vision Plan is a $130M project to renovate three existing library branches, including the main library, and build seven new branches. In 2012, we met the CML 2020 Vision Plan leadership team while presenting on “How the Culture of Inefficiency is Out-Foxing LEED, ASHRAE, and Efficiency Programs in the Midwest”. Subsequent conversations with CML revealed the need to embed energy-efficiency into the design, construction, and operation of these projects.

Our Approach

Our rigorous approach can be simply described as ensuring that the thread of efficiency was present from design, through construction and into operation. Our goals were to eliminate unnecessary capital expenses, ensure that decisions around energy using equipment were made in a data-driven manner, and to set up the facility operating staff for success.

For each branch, we assisted CML in generating the Owner’s Project Requirements and reviewing the subsequent Basis of Design. We performed rigorous review of design documents and submittals for energy using equipment. We then performed ongoing construction site inspections. Finally, we performed functional testing of all major energy using equipment. At the conclusion of each project, our team generated a final commissioning report documenting the entire process and a systems manual to aid facilities staff with ongoing operations.

The Results

CML staff have the tools necessary to understand how their facilities were designed and how they should be operated to be highly efficient. More importantly, the Main Branch is an international example of what the flagship library in a major city can be. But, more importantly, CML has a portfolio of newly built or renovated libraries that better meet the critical needs of the communities that they serve.

Over 456,000 ft2 across nine branches commissioned.

Our Role

Commissioning agent, owner’s advocate


Columbus Metropolitan Library


2013 - 2020
  • Peter Kleinhenz PE

    Peter Kleinhenz, PE

  • Abdul Qayyum Mohammed, Go Sustainable Energy

    Abdul Qayyum Mohammed

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