Abdul Qayyum Mohammed, PE

Abdul Qayyum Mohammed, Go Sustainable Energy

Q is one of Go’s industrial energy specialists with extensive energy auditing and measurement and verification (M&V) experience. He also eats, sleeps, and breathes chillers, making him a chilled water system specialist. His data analysis and simulation skills are critical to our successful interaction with complex energy using systems. Q’s understanding of process cooling, industrial refrigeration and compressed air systems has also allowed him to develop multiple custom system and energy simulation tools for our team.

Q is passionate about working in the energy efficiency field. He believes that energy efficiency is key to a sustainable future, globally. It is often the first step followed by advanced energy technologies and renewable energy. Q shares this passion and his knowledge by frequently publishing technical papers published to ACEEE, AEE ASHRAE, and other conferences and journals in the field of energy. He has authored or co-authored nine publications on topics including energy-efficiency in industrial refrigeration and large HVAC systems, motor and v-belt energy efficiency, M&V for industrial systems, etc.

Q’s love for cars allows him to be our team’s resident car mechanic. He also loves driving around the country to visit interesting cities and historic sites. Q is fascinated by nature and how it finds a way to tackle most of the complex issues that exist on the planet.