Charles Schreier, PE

Charlie is part of Go’s Cleveland office and we rely on his programming and analysis expertise when tackling large portfolio data sets. His skills with data analysis and statistical regression enable our team to perform accurate third-party benchmarking, tracking, and measurement and verification (M&V) services for our clients. Born out of interest, Charlie has also developed a deep understanding of pumping systems and assists our team in analyzing hydronics.

Charlie has coordinated execution of one of our municipal utility rebate programs, from structuring the process through on-site project verification. Charlie leads the development of both the front and back end logistics of our utility data analytics services. From generation and normalization of energy consumption profiles, to the synthesis of valuable indicators to guide client action, he recognizes the importance of handling, processing, and creating useful paths in the age of big data. He also enjoys the number crunching quite a bit.

Charlie is captivated by creative process, which at home manifests in far too many hobbies. His interest in traditional craft has led to pursuits ranging from spoon carving, to birch bark basketry, to blacksmithing. The tangible outcomes from his workshop help balance out his time at the computer, and can even provide insights into manufacturing processes. Fortunately, these recreational respites are unlikely to ever fully distract from his over-sized spreadsheets.