Chris Wagner

Chris is an engineer that conducts industrial and commercial energy audits, performs utility measurement & verification, and is a team member on commissioning projects. His experience in analyzing industrial systems and controls is an asset both on site and back at the office when performing complicated data analysis of achieved or potential energy savings.

Before joining our team, Chris spent a few years performing energy audits in the manufacturing sector, focusing on compressed air, ammonia refrigeration, HVAC, lighting, process heating, and process cooling for around 50 customers. During this time, he also completed “Compressed Air Challenge” Level 2 training. Chris graduated from University of Dayton in 2015 and 2017 with his BS and MS in mechanical engineering with a focus in Renewable and Clean Energy. As an undergrad, Chris’ passion for sustainability lead him to the position of UD’s Sustainability Club president, following the example of several other Go employees. His master’s thesis covered vehicular emission mitigation pathways for the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia where he worked for 4 months.

When energy efficiency is not occupying Chris’ time, you can find him hiking or skiing in the mountains, riding or wrenching on his motorcycle, or practicing his Muay Thai kickboxing at the gym with his fiancé. He also enjoys reading epic fantasies and books on philosophy or social justice to wind down.